Job purpose

The warehouse associate receives shipments and restocks orders, keeps track of inventory, ships orders to customers, and maintains the cleanliness and organization of the warehouse space.

Warehouse associates make sure production areas are fully stocked and have the products they need to fulfill orders and move quickly, sometimes working with automated machines or sensors to fulfill and track the orders.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Process, package and ship orders accurately.
  • Organize stocks and maintain inventory.
  • Address and resolve any shipment or delivery errors.
  • Examine ingoing and outgoing shipments.
  • Receive, unload and place incoming inventory items appropriately.
  • Inspects all goods being shipped and received, reporting and defective or damaged items.
  • Check, verify and fill customer invoices
  • Follow SOP and abide by all company safety and hygiene regulations.
  • Updates the Warehouse Supervisor on the status of inventory, shipments, and deliveries.
  • Organize warehouse space
  • Keep warehouse clean and organized daily
  • Contribute ideas on ways to improve or optimize warehousing procedures.


  • Education
    • High school diploma
  • Specialized knowledge
    • Adequate knowledge of warehouse data system
  • Skills
    • Organizational skills
    • Time Management Skills
    • Coordination skills
    • Team Player
  • Abilities
    • Ability to operate forklift, hand truck, pallet jack and other warehouse equipment
    • Ability to lift or move heavy products
    • Ability to multi-task and work efficiently.
    • Ability to navigate and troubleshoot computer systems as necessary.
    • Ability to think creatively and spatially, in order to efficiently and effectively organize inventory.
  • Other characteristics such as personal characteristics
    • Possesses the mental and physical acuity necessary to drive and operate heavy machinery.
    • Pays close attention to detail, a skill essential in identifying order discrepancies and product deficiencies
  • Professional Certification
    • Certified Materials & Resource Professional
    • Must obtain proper certification to operate forklifts or other heavy machinery in the warehouse
  • Experience
    • Proven warehouse experience
    • Must be familiar with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) programs and other inventory management software.

Working conditions

  • Workday is a standard 8 hours, and is spent in a warehouse setting.
  • The position involves a significant amount of physical labor, requiring long hours of lifting, packing, standing, and movement around the warehouse.
  • Additional time will be spent meeting with other company departments in an office to report on inventory and present new shipment and storage techniques.
  • Temperatures in the warehouse are variable, with dramatic increases or decreases in response to weather and the products being stored.

Physical requirements

The warehouse associate job requires physical strength, as well as the ability to operate heavy machinery.

Direct reports

No direct reports

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